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Sunshine Gift Package


Have you ever had a friend or a family member that you felt could use some cheering up?
I’d say most of us have… only, most of my friends and family live in Ontario, which is five hour flight away from me!
I can give phone calls and FaceTime, but can’t stop by with tea and desserts to cheer them up. Can’t offer to babysit for them. Can’t organize a party. Can’t stay up all night chatting.
This is where the ever-popular care package comes into play.
When my friend needed cheering up, I decided to send some sunshine to take away her winter blues.
I made a “Happy” themed care package (i.e. it was all yellow, lol).


Some of the yellow “sunshiny” items I included were:
Yellow tissue paper
Gluten free cookies
Gluten free flax treats
Tea (from David’s tea)
Lip balm
Protein bar
A mug (homemade)
A picture (homemade)
Yellow Ribbon
Then I wanted to include a homemade bright card!
I made this card with my scrapbook paper (Dream Pop CTMH paper), a stamp, and ink.
Having a sunshine stamp and some nice yellow ink to match was a bonus :)



 I wanted to include some personal, homemade items as well (obvi).
No doubt about it: homemade stuff trumps purchased stuff any day in my book!
This picture – a yellow footprint heart – was made with my daughters feet at 6 weeks old.
The friend I sent this to hasn’t gotten to meet her (another disadvantage of the distance!), so I wanted to send something that represented my daughter.
It was super easy to make! We just bought acrylic water-based paint, and used a foam brush to spread the paint on her feet before we made the print.
Then I used black paint and letter stamps to stamp the word “LOVE” on the bottom.
We were originally going to make a flower with her hands, but all she wanted to do was make a fist, so we ended up with paint all over her hands (and mine) but no flower, lol. This was a good second choice!



Then we also included a mug that I created using this tutorial.
I LOVE the way it turned out!
This one’s not yellow – but it’s personal. And she can hold the tea from the yellow container in it!
It accurately represents how much we love each other, even in different provinces :)



I hope I get the chance to cheer someone up with another sunshine care package one day!
Wonder what else I can find and/or make that is yellow…. ??




Saturday 15th of March 2014

What a great idea Lindi.You know that feeling when you are far away, geographically from friends and family. I immediately thought of my daughter, Jen. It has been a long cold winter for them this year. Stuck at home with two small kids and awful weather to go outside , sure makes the days long.I nominate Jen, if you feel like sending a sunshine package some where else. Love Mrs B. :)

Lindi V

Saturday 15th of March 2014

hahah, good idea! I'll have to send one when she least expects it though :)


Saturday 15th of March 2014

The B-E-S-T! Love you tons. I'm still smiling :)Alyssa