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DIY Mini Christmas Wreath Ornament

Make your own mini Christmas wreath ornament using Dollar Store supplies. They are easy to make and look great as decor for the holidays.

flat lay image of mini Christmas wreath ornaments an faux greenery with text overlay " DIY mini Christmas Wreath ornaments"

I love taking Dollar Store cheap-looking items and making them look like expensive home decor. Holiday Dollar Store DIYs are my favourite to do because I love this time of year and everyone is decorating, and everyone is overspending, lol. This DIY Christmas wreath ornament is easy to make and definitely budget-friendly!

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How to Make a Christmas Wreath Ornament

Supplies needed

Step-by-step Tutorial

I picked up these brass rings at the Dollar Store. As soon as I saw them I knew they would be perfect for minimal wreath ornaments. They look amazing aside from one little spot where the brass comes together, so I knew that I would probably cover that part up.

hands holding a brass ring

I pulled out some faux greenery from my stash to make these rings into wreaths. These are faux greenery pieces that I already had on hand. If you don’t have any, you could also just buy a wreath from the Dollar Store and cut off the pine branches.

You will need to cut them into single pieces, using wire cutters. You need pieces small enough to wrap your Christmas wreath ornament without overwhelming it.

cutting faux greenery pieces for the Christmas wreath ornament

Next use craft glue to put them on the brass ring. Simply hold them in place for a couple of seconds until the glue dries.

single pieces of faux greenery

The craft glue sets up pretty quick, so curve the greenery piece around the ring. I decided to give mine a modern look and put the greenery pieces on the side to make it asymmetrical.

waiting for glue to dry on Christmas wreath ornament

The final step is to take one of the velvet ribbons left over from my Modern DIY Candy Cane Ornament and tie it in a knot above the wreath so I’d be able to hang it. You can use any ribbon you want to, in any colour. I matched our holiday decor for this year.

adding ribbon to wreath ornament

These little Christmas wreath ornaments were so easy and they look so good. They’re minimal and simple. I love how they look by themselves.

flay lay image of 2 Christmas wreath ornaments

The Christmas wreath ornament was a little lost in my pine tree, but I did hang one on top of these printables and I loved how it looked at the top of the artwork. I can also imagine then decorating mirrors, or cabinets, or place settings. Or as gift toppers, like I did with these other mini wreaths.

holiday printable artwork with Christmas wreath ornament

Be sure to check out the video below to see me make these Christmas wreath ornaments along with five other Dollar Store Christmas decorations!

If you’re looking for another fun, mini Christmas wreath, these evergreen ones are so easy to make too!

Mini wreaths in gift wrap collage with text overlay reading "DIY mini wreaths for gift wrapping"