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Summer Wedding

IMG_9638 b

 Wedding season is upon us! And like every other DSLR owner, I’m using these rare moments where the entire family is dressed up as an opportunity to update the gallery and snap a few family photos! 

Although we were invited to 3 weddings this summer, we were only able to go to one of them. And it was a beautiful wedding! We just LOVE the bride and groom, and we had so many great friends attending to share in the laughter and fun. Everything about the day suited the couple to a tee and I loved sharing their special day with them!
Here’s the beautiful couple during their first dance:

photo 10

 I also love weddings because of the opportunity to do my hair, do my nails, get dressed up, and to see my husband all spiffy in his suit :) As an added bonus, this year I had an adorable baby to dress as well!
We may have gone a little crazy with the pre-wedding photo sesh, but I love having up-to-date photos of my family to share with everyone.
Enjoy! (& take note of the exceptionally cute baby!)

Holding onto mommy and daddy :) 
IMG_9649 IMG_9670
Nom, nom, nom… I love my sweater from Oma and my dress from Aunty Alyssa!
IMG_9716 IMG_9637 b IMG_9661 IMG_9658

Look at ^this photo^ and tell me that she doesn’t look exactly like her daddy!
Love them to bits :)



Tuesday 29th of July 2014

Beautiful!!! These are great!!! Do you use a tripod to get the whole family in? and you're rocking those heels (something I cannot do lol)


Tuesday 29th of July 2014

And heels are definitely not as easy with a baby as they use to be! lol


Tuesday 29th of July 2014

We usually do use a tripod, but this time we had a helping hand take the photos :)