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Bedtime Routines

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Bedtime is such a precious time in our home.
It’s clear that at 6 months, Ellie already knows her bedtime routine.
She goes through the motions with us and sleeps soundly afterwards.
It’s extra special because Daddy is home to help with baths and books too.
[a bonus for Mommy and Ellie!]

Here’s how our bedtime pans out at 6 months old:

Begins with a bath. Lots of splashes and smiles ensue. A few made-up, off key songs, with lyrics that don’t rhyme, and the occasional rap. Fresh diaper and clean jammies (or just a diaper for the warm summer nights). A night time feed with mommy – one of the only times I get sleepy, happy, cuddles these days. Storytime. One or two books to encourage her imagination. Hugs and kisses and a few “I love you”s. A prayer. More hugs and kisses and “I love you”s. And a tuck into bed with her favourite blanket (from Aunty Merle) and her favourite ballerina teddy bear. Lights out.

Occasionally she tells a few stories to her teddy, and then she goes to sleep. Without a peep.

 (Now if only we could have this success with nap time!)

IMG_0273 bIMG_0282 bStory time :) IMG_0303 b


Katie Vschaaf

Wednesday 13th of August 2014

LOVE bedtime! This is pretty well our exact routine too. Casey didn't get good at naps until about 11 mos. he goes for his 2 1.5 hour naps without a peep now but that took more time to learn. We're so lucky our babes have the good sleep genes!! :)