Transforming your doors is as easy as using a circular saw and a paint brush. Anyone could do this transformation, and I mean anyone!

– Paint: Deep Well by Valspar – Track Saw – Tack Cloths – Orbital Sander – Handles


Measure and mark where to cut.  Make thin cuts 1/6th of an inch deep using a track saw or circular saw.  Lightly sand the entire door.

We recommend taking it very slow.  The veneer is thin and you don't want to cut all the way through and ruin the door!

 Fill that gap with a fast-drying putty, and fill the entire line. When it is dry, sand it down and cut a new line. You don’t want to cut on the same spot again because the putty likely won’t hold up to a new cut.

If you cut too far and make a hole...

Time to paint!

I wanted deep dark doors, so I chose to use Deep Well by Valspar. It’s a very deep, almost black colour with blue undertones.

Each side of your doors will require two coats of paint.

If you find that your doors are not fitting exactly as they used to, take a chisel and chisel out any of the excess paint in the hinge locations, and re-install your door.

We love our new doors and it's an affordable makeover anyone can do!