How to Properly Pour a Concrete Slab

Thinking about pouring a concrete slab for your outdoor space? Here's some do's and don'ts you are going to want to know!

Pouring concrete isn't easy; I will not lie to you. But with the right tools you can totally DIY it.

Start by planning the space, and designing the layout.  before digging.

You will need some specialty supplies and tools to complete this project like rebar, excavation tools, specialty hammers, and more. We used a company to deliver the concrete in a truck, but with a smaller scale project you can mix yourself.

Demo any old structures and remove the dirt from the area the slab will be placed. Then you can begin grading the area. Slope away from your home to keep water from pooling around your foundation.

Add gravel to the graded area. It helps level the concrete, and ensures ground water will flow away from under the slab.

Now you can add forms for where the concrete will be poured with lumber.

It's time to add the rebar. This is a complex task, but essential to keep the slab from cracking.

Pouring the concrete will require extra hands as well as tools like the concrete vibrator, mixer, pump, and leveler. Swipe up for more info.

Once the concrete is level, add the finish details and allow to cure completely before using.

Looking to try a smaller concrete project? This concrete candle holder is the perfect beginner project.